Cradle of civilization – Anatolya

22 June 2005

Cradle of civilization – Anatolya


Kirsehir, Turkey 13-22.06.2005


A school from Kirsehir, Turkey organised an international youth exchange on cultural issues within the European Commision\’s \”Youth\” Programme. It took place on 13-22. 06. 2005 in Kirsehir, near Ankara – country\’s capital city, in the central part of Turkey. Thanks to an invitation from a friendly organisation we could send there our three representatives – Agnieszka Janczy, Michał Kopeć and Tomasz Kruk. They were extremely satisfied and returned with many good memories. Most of all they perceived Turkish people as very friendly and they were very happy with the well prepared, interesting programme. This is what they said:



During our stay in Turkey one of our aims was to learn about the civilization of Anatolya with its cultural, historical and natural richness. Thanks to hard work and very good organization our knowledge about this area has been improved . We lived in a small town named Kirsehir but we travelled a lot, exploring every day those famous as well as not well known places for a typical tourist. According to our group the biggest impression made on us was Cappadocia with its monumental rock-cut churches, rock-cut monasteries and the wall frescoes. During the first century of our age this area was a place where first christians went into hidding becouse of persecution despite the fact that the major religion here is Islam. They used to live in the underground settlements and practise secretly in rock churches. We also visited small villages where we were welcomed by the whole community we were able to learn a bit of their ordinary life. We can not also forget about mosques which are inseperable elements of turkisch landscape. We heard from there calling for a pray 5 times a day, what was really amaizing. One evening we were invited for a dinner by Turkish family. Some of us were a little bit frightened not knowing exactly how to dress, welcome or behave, fortunately everything went smoothly. We spent really nice evening and went out rich in new experiences. Everywhere we went to, there was a national Turkish music which entertained us as well as traditional Turkish dishes. Honestly speaking, I did not know that meat can have so many different tastes.  We missed a bit workshops but all those extraordinary trips made everything up. At this time we had the opportunity to discuss about stereotypes and prejudices in our cultures and many participants have changed their mindes. We will never forget Turkey and everything what we have experienced there.


Agnieszka Janczy



International Youth exchange, entiteld “Cradle of civilization – Anatolya” organized within EU  program “Youth” took place in Turkey on 13-22 June 2005. In the project participated youth organizations from 6 differents countries such as: Spain, Portugal, Roumania, Italy, Poland and of course Turkey, which hosted this whole venture.  The aim of this exchange was to present the culture of each participating country with stress on the Turkish culture, art and customs. The exchange program was very attractive and organized effectively (we had no time for boredom). The participants had opportunity to visit beauty spots of Anatolya regions, to taste traditional dishes as well as watch how they are prepared, to hear national music and even to dance in Turkish way. For each participant the evening spent at home of Turkish students was a very interesting experience. I have become a friend with many interesting people and I had opportunity to conduct interesting and controvensial discussion on such subjects as: cultural differences among Christians and Muslims and also analogies between Christianity and Islam. During this exchange I have learnt a lot and my stereotypical picture of ordinary Turk has completely changed. I wish everyone to take part in this kind of exchanges full of unusually experiences and impressions.


Tomasz Kruk



Turkey … first thought – kebab…. second – Istanbul …. no more thoughts. I think I will be not wrong if I say that is all what an average Pole knows about this country. With hand on heart, apologetically, I confess I did not know much more about this country. …Hmm a small correction… I knew something about Mustafa Kemal Pasha but i would not risk to participate in a quiz referring to this person. In June, Anno Domini 2005 took place Youth exchange organized within European Union Program “Youth” and I (not prising myself) was one of the participants. The exchange entitled  “Cradle of civilization – Anatolya” gave me as well as others participants the great opportunity to learn much more about the Turkish history, local and national customs and the most important to get to know about the citizents of this country!!!! Everything that we have experienced within these 10 days was wonderful and unforgettable. I am very happy and grateful that I could participate in this exchange. With no doubt I have deepened my knowledge about this country, which fascinates the tourists from the whole world. There is nothing else for me to say as recommendation of this country, which for sure is worth to visit. And one more information…. Doner in Turkey, after calculating, costs about 1 euro ….and how it tastes delicious!!!!!


Michał Kopeć

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