This page is dedicated for knowledge sharing based on our experience and activities. It was created in 2016 as one of the results from youth exchange: Soft skills-connecting people. Please feel free to use the below knowledge and also share with us if you have any interesting materials or links from your projects, mostly youth exchanges.

Materials for download:

Good leader features

helpful ppt when working with Youthpass certificate

interesting publication about fighting marginalisation and radicalism among youth

Final_Business_Niche_Doc – youth analysis where to look for business opportunities

Future innovative trends – youth analysis about future trends

Interesting links: – polish website of Erasmus+ programme – website of Erasmus for Entrepreneurs programme

Here you can read more and download an interesting booklet about media literacy and critical thinking prepared by participants (including our team) of the youth exchange ‘Start thinking,critically’ organized by our friends from ASCOINT in Hidiselu de Sus, Romania.

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