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    our first solidarity project

  • The power of media – the power in me!

    Erasmus+ youth exchange 7-13.09.2019 Murzasichle, Poland The power of media? The power in me! ” was a joint venture of six youth organizations from six European Union countries. His goal was to increase young people’s ability to use the media, analyze and critically think about information that reaches them, so that they can form their […]

    The Media of POwer final
  • Upcycle your life!

    Erasmus+ Youth exchange 6-12.10.2019 Poronin, Poland The need for the project resulted from our individual needs, because it was hard for us to live in an increasingly littered world. We decided to take matters into our own hands. The aim of our project was to increase public awareness of ecology and strengthen international cooperation in the context […]



Experience garage

our first solidarity project

SIR with Quality Label in European Solidarity Corps!

So finally it’s official ❤️ today we got the Quality Label for Volunteering in...

YE “iNotice”, Oradea, 19-25.05.2019

The youth exchange “iNotice” took place in Oradea, between 19-25 May, where...

Project report from our participants

Rural Power! Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Italy organized by HIGH ON LIFE...

Project report from our participants

Y.E.E.H. (Youth Entrepreneurship Education Heroes)  – the creativity and entrepreneurial education TC...

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!


Interesting projects

With art for friendship

”With art for friendship” was a challenge with aim to support creating new...

31st Jul

Sport – the language of youth

The main activity of this KA1 Erasmus+ project was an international youth...

10th Oct
sport tshirt

e-Quality in multicultural youth projects

Seminar entitled “e-Quality in multicultural youth projects” took place on 1-6 august...

06th Aug