4 November 2022

This seminar was the first project under our Accreditation of Action 1 of the Erasmus+ Program in the field of youth for 2022-24.

Objective of the seminar: Strengthening digital competences in working with youth among 20 participants – representatives of partner non-governmental organizations from the EU, including 4 people from our association, as the first activity covered by Accreditation, which made it possible to both adapt working methods to changing circumstances, refine the content and modern approach to the first planned exchange on digital divide (carried out in February 2023) and efficient implementation of subsequent activities under Accreditation – effective participation of employees in two seminars and support for young people during subsequent youth exchanges.


We held the seminar in Krakow on October 24-28, 2022. A short video report can be seen below, as well as on our Facebook fanpage and Instagram: sirpoland_

We invite you to download the broshure prepared by the seminar participants, which contains, among others: assumptions and model schedules for two youth exchanges on this topic, which can be adapted to your own needs.

EN Co-Funded by the EU_POS

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