28 July 2022

Name: Find Your Passion
Partners: Euroactive NGO Alapítvány (Hungary) ASSOCIACIO GLOBERS (Spain), ASOCIATIA BEYOND (Romania), Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Regionalnych (Poland), Euroactive NGO BG (Bulgaria), Youth Empowerment Center (Greece)
Duration: 04. 07. 2022. – 13. 07. 2022.
Place: Szentendre, Magyarország


The Find Your Passion were about everything today’s youngsters need to not only live their life – but live a purpose-driven, value-based life. Finding their journey and bring out their full potential, while they discover they future self. They used well-known mental tools to discover their passion such as the Hero’s Journey and the THOR tool as well.

And all these journey was spiced up by amazing dramapedagogyc trick as well which are give one more layer to this project – this is the reason why we do believe FYP was something unpairable on the field of YEs.

Of course, as the cores of all of the project we cannot forget about the Intercultural Nigths where the participants represented their countries, traditions, foods, dances and so on.

All in all – FYP were an amazing project which showed us a new dimension to the youth exchanges and we are thankful for our facilitators, participants and everyone who support this project.


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