Inclusion through sport – CMS

4 July 2005

“Inclusion through sport” – contact making seminar


Cork, Ireland 30.06.-04.07.2005

Between June 30th – July 4th 2005 I had the pleasure to participate in a seminar entitled \”Inclusion throuh sport\” which took place in Cork, southern Ireland. The project was prepared by \”Leargus\” – the National Agency of the \”Youth\” Programme in Ireland, as a CMS (contact making seminar) within Action 5 of the Programme. The participants were representatives of organisation mostly dealing with sport from 7 countries – Ireland, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Poland, together over 20 organisations.
The topic of the seminar was using sport as a tool in carrying out various projects and activities. We were given the opportunity to learn about such methods used in real life and also a lot more about sport projects. The agenda of the seminar was very intense, with very little free time. The workshops lasted from 9am till 6.30pm with a lunch break at 1pm. The first day was filled with integration games. We were constructing a map of Europe, sticking our pictures in apropriate places. Later we played traditional hurling game. The second day was full of sport excersises which showed us how successfully we can integrate through sport, communicate without words, co-operate and learn to rely on each other. The following day was spent on methodology and theoretical workshops. Various approaches to sport and its utility was very interesting, especially in aspects of crime and sexuality. We were also given some time for the so called \”Open Space\” – time for private discussion in smaller groups. It was also the time to talk about possible co-operation with other participants and to ask any questions to the people from the Irish National Agency. I think the best was the last working day. We were asked to carry out \”Mission Impossible\”, which was to create from the beginning a sport exchange with other countries, represented by other participants. We met many problems, it was difficult because we were not allowed to talk to each other but it was also a lot of fun and an enriching lesson for the future.
The organisers and leaders of the workshops have used very creative and innovative methods. Thanks to that, everyone was willing to participate fully despite having very little free time. Of course apart from the professional there was also the informal side of the seminar. We made many friendhips. We went to pubs together in the evening, we learned an irish dance and had lots of fun in our hotel. These four days were very fruitful and unforgetable. Ireland is a beautiful country and we all want to visit it again. I hope that the contacts we have established will result in some interesting sport exchange. I would like to recommend such seminars to everyone!
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Danuta Kędzierska

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