Leader and Leadership training

17 May 2006

“Leader and Leadership”

Xylokastro, Greece, 9-15.05.2006

From 9th May to 15th May 2006 I participated in training course entitled “Leader and Leadership”. It was a training course organized by ORFEAS, whose activity mostly focuses on Action 2 of the Youth Program – European Voluntary Service. We were hosted in a beautiful, picturesque town situated at sea side – Xylokastro. The main aim of the seminar and workshops was giving participants’ detailed information about culture organization, her structure and emphasize the role of the leader who organizes and coordinates the activities in organization. The target group of this training course was young people who are responsible for hosting volunteers in their organizations. The great parts of seminars were organized like workshops. Also we participated in some teambuilding games which lead to better and intensive integration of participants. During lectures and seminars participants work out many psychological and personal tests which gave us detailed information about our interpersonal   skills and abilities that are very important to work as a leader. Instead of seminars everyone presented activities, projects, initiatives of his/her organization. Also we organized the intercultural nights on which we presented the culture of countries Estonia, Litwa, Polska, some traditional food, and drinks (serving Żubrówka was success). Some girls could check up their culinary abilities which met with other’s approval. Instead of seminars connected with Leader and Leadership we participated in training course Action 2 of Youth Program projects – European Voluntary Service. The aim of workshop was giving participants detailed information about European Voluntary Service, its purposes, conditions of organizing projects, procedures and possible benefits. Despite of getting detailed, practical information about Leadership I had a chance to gain new contacts and meet people from organizations from other countries like Estonia, Litwa and Polska which, like SIR, are interested in non-formal education, voluntary service and organizing new fascinating initiatives. Additional information about Youth Exchange in Greece Xylokastro you can gain on website www.orfeas.in.gr Please visit also our Photos section!

Karolina Kubicka

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