Six Nations Youth Cup

25 December 2016

logo6 countries, a group of involved participants and the spirit of competition in a picturesque village near Zakopane – this is Six Nations Youth Cup. The inspiration for this project came from a very good cooperation with the partners that are co-creating 6NYC and also from the year-to-year Six Nations Cup in rugby that took place while this project idea emerged and which is to take place during the planned exchange dates. The shear structure of the days is constructed on the basis of a rugby game meeting. The main goals of the project are: propagating healthy lifestyle and sport values in our communities, broadening horizons in the range of health , building tolerance, getting rid of prejudice, building international cooperation, getting more familiar with media, popularizing knowledge of specific EU countries’ sports. We want to look for analogies joining sport with everyday life, we want to understand how important sport values are. We want to analyze the society we live in and understand to what extent it offers equality, respect, fair play rules and cooperation. We want to build our knowledge about health problems in 21st century and look for possibilities to deal with them. We want to understand trends in various popular diets and differentiate between them. This will help us to strengthen acceptance and create the feeling of responsibility for our own knowledge about the topic. The main methods of work will be: workshops, team work, brainstorming, individual work, auto presentation, working with camera, physical activity, role plays, art work, icebreakers, national evenings. There will be 42 young people who will take part in the exchange (planned for 17-23th March 2017), coming from Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria – 6 people in every team plus the leaders. They are between 18-30 years old, equally men and women. We will use mainly English during the project. 2 weeks before leaders will meet during APV. Both events will take place in Poronin. We are aiming at propagating healthy lifestyle, improving our language skills, building the knowledge thanks to sharing experiences. We are hoping for a wide visibility and promotion of this project but also of Erasmus+ and, taking into consideration an interesting topic of the project, we expect to find some more inspirations for the new ones.

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