The power of media – the power in me!

9 August 2019

Erasmus+ youth exchange 7-13.09.2019 Murzasichle, Poland

The power of media? The power in me! ” was a joint venture of six youth organizations from six European Union countries. His goal was to increase young people’s ability to use the media, analyze and critically think about information that reaches them, so that they can form their own opinion and be better, responsible and more committed citizens of their countries and the European Union. 42 people took part in the project, including group leaders. Participants are young people from our organizations, people aged 19-29 who are students or fresh graduates or work professionally. During the 7-day youth exchange, the participants got to know each other, introduced their organizations, discussed the types and characteristics of the media, the traditional and changed role of the media in the modern world, practiced media competence (so-called media literacy) and related it to the wider issue of conscious national and European citizenship . Therefore, the project abounded in a number of competences, knowledge, skills and attitudes that were developed by the participants during the preparations and the mobility itself, in particular the ability to think critically and to form one’s own opinion. The project had a significant impact on the participants themselves, increased their perception of the environment, highlighted independence and non-compliance with propaganda and manipulation. For participating organizations, the project was another opportunity to deepen cooperation, which was established in this matter over a year ago.

In the gallery below you can see some picture from our exchange and also Charter of good practices – one of our main project results.

During the activities the participants have recorded a short video

Detailed photo reports were conducted on our FB fanpage and Instagram: sirpoland_

Our friends from Greece wrote about their experiences: here

Also local newspaper in Zakopane mentioned our visit in their office: here

Project supported by Erasmus+ Programme EU flag-Erasmus+_vect_POS

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