TIC TAC Training

20 February 2006

TIC TAC Action 5 Training

Bonn, Germany 13-19 February 2006


The TICTAC training on Action 5 took place on 13-19 February 2006 In Bonn. It was a very intensive week, with a lot of practical information about Action 5 activities. On the other hand it was a great opportunity to meet people from different European organizations (representatives from Norway, Malta, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania) with different experiences and a lot of interesting ideas. Each day made our knowledge about Action 5 better, from the basic information at the beginning, through methods of improving projects quality, to simulation of creating a new project and verification by National Agency. At the same time we had a lot of possibilities to present our organizations, exchange our experiences in organizing Youth Programme activities and present our countries during international evening. It was a great experience for me and i am sure our organisation can benefit from that and prepare an interesting Action 5 project in the near future.


Magdalena Kraszewska

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