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9 August 2019

Erasmus+ Youth exchange 6-12.10.2019 Poronin, Poland

The need for the project resulted from our individual needs, because it was hard for us to live in an increasingly littered world. We decided to take matters into our own hands. The aim of our project was to increase public awareness of ecology and strengthen international cooperation in the context of caring for the environment, promoting public awareness, promoting responsible consumer behavior, reflection on the consequences of our everyday behaviors and habits, indicating that the action of one man affects the functioning of entire communities. We care about strengthening youth activity in local communities.


The main activity was the youth exchange from 5 countries: Poland, Cyprus, Estonia, Italy, Romania, 7 people plus 1 leader from each country, a total of 40 people. The main working methods are: workshops, presentations, forum discussions, happening, creative / artistic workshops, conversations with residents, tourists, peers, work with social media, the use of English, evaluation activities, evenings national reflections and many new friendships.tips Thanks to the project, we have become conscious consumers and aware citizens, we have gained respect for human work and its products, we are more attentive, we will be wiser in approaching purchasing decisions. We have gained greater social and health awareness, we can pay more attention to what we can do for the environment and the immediate environment. Thanks to the project, we have become more creative: we implemented innovative thinking about objects thanks to which we find new applications for ordinary objects. We have also improved the project our communication and language skills, and we’ve been open to new people and new ideas.

Detailed photo reports were conducted on our FB fanpage and Instagram: sirpoland_

Some healthy recipes prepared by us for our peers:

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Project supported by Erasmus+ Programme http://erasmusplus.org.pl EU flag-Erasmus+_vect_POS

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