You have the right!

4 October 2013


Action 3.1 Youth exchange „You have the right !” took place between 30.09.-06.10.2013 in the picteresque town of Murzasichle.

It gathered 33 young participants from the following Programme and neighbouringPartner countries: Poland, Romania, Ukraine

and Belarus. The main themes and objectives were to raise young people’s awareness in the eld of European

citizenship, to promote citizen rights, enhance European solidarity as well as to contribute to promotion of the healthy life style

attitudes. In addition to that we made sure to deepen mutual understanding and tolerance between countries. Moreover

our actions counteracted negative social phenomena like racism or xenophobia. During our project we have used various

methods of non-formal education like organizing panel discussions, games, interactive presentations, workshops, etc. with a

lot of sports and physical excercises outdoors. We have also prepared some artistic elements to present the effects of our

exchange such as better understanding of peers in other coutries, spreading EU values to our eastern neighbours, enriching

each other with new knowledge, new friendships and a strong feeling of unity. We strongly believe, that we have managed to

assure full and active participation and to achieve all our goals of this exchange.

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