Erasmus+ KA1: Mobility of Youth Workers – Social Entrepreneurship for Changemakers

22 maj 2023

This Erasmus+ KA1: Mobility of Youth Workers project brought together 30 young people from 10 different countries, Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia, and Poland. The project was held in Armilla town, Granada, May 15th to April 24th, 2023, and was funded by the EU Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme. The theme of the project was „Social Entrepreneurship for Changemakers,” focusing on how to solve social problems using social entrepreneurship.


The project utilized non-formal learning methodologies to provide a unique and engaging learning experience. Participants learned about social entrepreneurship through activities such as workshops, debates, study cases, and study visits in the municipality of Granada and other important places. Through these activities, the participants discovered how social entrepreneurship can help them build sustainable businesses and make a living while also addressing social issues.

The project also provided an opportunity for intercultural learning. During the intercultural nights, each country presented its culture and foods. This allowed participants to learn from each other, exchange ideas, and share knowledge. This intercultural exchange was a significant aspect of the project, as it provided participants with a chance to understand different cultures, overcome stereotypes, and develop tolerance and respect for diversity.

The Erasmus+ KA1: Mobility of Youth Workers project on Social Entrepreneurship for Changemakers was a unique and impactful experience for all involved. Through non-formal learning and intercultural exchange, participants gained valuable skills and knowledge that they can apply in their personal and professional lives. The project provided a platform for young people to learn about social entrepreneurship, a powerful tool for solving social problems and making a positive impact on their communities. Overall, the project was a resounding success and a testament to the value of Erasmus+ KA1: Mobility of Youth Workers projects in promoting learning and intercultural exchange among young people.

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