Metaverse Learning Hub

14 kwiecień 2024

The Metaverse Learning Hub (MLH): Developing youth’s human and digital skills through gamification & immersive learning experiences



The Metaverse Learning Hub (MLH) focuses on helping youth workers and organizations assist youth individuals with fewer opportunities in improving their personal, social, and professional skills. MLH offers guidance and resources to youth workers, focusing on two main areas: digital skills and human skills. These resources include research, teaching methods, and practical advice to assist them in effectively developing these skills.


1. To provide youth workers with evidence-informed guidelines, which can be used with youth for the development of digital & human skills
2. To provide youth workers with online & offline learning experiences for the development of digital & human skills of youth.
3. To provide policy makers with standards & recommendations on how to integrate human & digital skills development as a priority in the existing strategies & policies for disadvantaged youth (with a focus on young refugees).


Consortium leader: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Netherland

Asociatia Copiii in Sanul Familiei, Romania
Ofensiva Tinerilo, Romania
Meta-Skills, Netherlands
Masterpeace, Netherlands
European Institute Foundation, Poland
SIR, Poland
Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece

EN Co-Funded by the EU_POS

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