Online media tools for disadvantaged youth inclusion

17 lipiec 2023

Our team recently participated in a great project in Hungary! The main goal for us was to clarify the concept of inclusion, promote the importance of the topic to young people aged 18-25 through podcasts and videos. By participating in the project we have gained a better understanding of what social inclusion means during the youth exchange, and we are now more ready and motivated to help more people to be aware of the importance of this issue.


● Project name: Online media tools for disadvantaged youth inclusion
● Partners: The bettermaking Ifjúsági Alapítvány (Hungary), SIR (Poland), ORIEL (Italy), AMIGOS (Spain), ARYAS (Romania)
● Duration: 13.06.2023-22.06.2023 (with travel days)
● Place: Hungary, Szentendre

Podcasts on Youtube

Videos on Youtube

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