Peace Drama – wymiana Węgry

29 lipiec 2023

Our team recently participated in a great project in Hungary! How can drama, conflicts and YE go together? Well, after the project Peace Drama we can say that very well! The outcome of this special mix turned out a total success for our youngsters and the facilitators had lots of fun during it and we all went home with lovely memories. We hope the pictures could give you the same heartwarming feeling they did with us!



  • Name: Peace Drama
  • Partners: The bettermaking Ifjúsági Alapítvány (Hungary), SIR (Poland), Navissos (Seria), Arousa Muza (Spain), ARYAS (Romania)
  • Duration: 23.06.2023-02.07.2023 (with travel days)
  • Place: Szentendre, Hungary



  • To increase the young people’s toolbox and learn Drama in Education methods to promote peace building.
  • To support young people to develop a drama in education session on peace.
  • To develop young people’s tools and skills in drama in education
  • To develop the creativity, interpersonal – intercultural communcation skills, critical thinking and collaborative skills of young people.


Videos on Youtube

More details can be found on the page:

The Project is Funded by the European Union.

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