ART d’ECO – the green style of Europe

19 June 2006

ART d’ECO – the green style of Europe

Kamienica, 11-18 June 2006


The project “ART d’ECO – the green style of Europe” was carried out as an effect of Czech NA Action 3 seminar in Raspenava and Slovenian NA CMS in Radovlijca, both from November 2005. The main aim of the exchange was forming sense of responsibility for the environment of young people in an interesting way. We trying to learn and discuss why Europeans should treat this as their duty. Our activities involved both art and ecology aspects. We used art as a tool of forming, expressing and promoting pro-ecological attitude. On the other hand nature was our inspiration. Among our activities there were debates, recycling workshops with kids from local school, guest lectures, a happening, artistic painting workshops, classes of designing ecological fashion, etc. In front of our hotel we had the opportunity to plant some plants together. During the evenings we had time for free discussion, presentations of participating countries\’ cultures, dances and generally a lot of fun. During the parties we used for example the clothes made of natural elements which we designed in groups previously. Our painting workshops resulted in beautiful pictures, which some reamined in the hotel, some were given to our sponsors as gifts and some were taken as remarkable souveneers. Planting small trees together was called creating European Garden – symbol of our youth, international co-operation and care about environment. During the last day we had guests from local authorities, we had a folk dance show as well as a big farewell campfire. We were all sad to leave, nevertheless we made great friendships and left Kamienica with a sense of having made a good job and sent a signal to the world to care more about nature.

Piotr Tarkowski

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