ATOQ Training in Turkey

8 May 2006

ATOQ- Advanced Training on Quality

Antalya, Turkey, 1-6.05.2006


From 1-6 May I had the opportunity to participate in the training course ATOQ- Advanced Training on Quality, which took place in beautiful Antalya, in Turkey. The participants of the event were representatives of 10 countries- England, Norway, France, Poland, Estonia, Iceland, Netherlands, Denmark, Turkey and Hungary. We were speaking 15 languages in total, so the training was really very international.
The aim of the training was to work on improving the quality of projects taken under Action 1. We had the chance to participate in workshops on risk management, intercultural education, fund raising and additional sponsors, cooperation with potential partners and realizing the local dimension of the project. The special guests of the training were representatives of National Agencies from Turkey and Norway, who were willing to answer all the questions we had. They were very experienced specialists giving very precious advices.
The workshops’ time was from morning ‘till evenings, with short meal breaks, which were used by some of participants for relaxing in the beautiful hotel campus. The main tools which were used during the training was informal learning techniques and group dynamics exercises. However everyone could find something for himself because each learning style was being used. There were some formal lectures for those who like taking notes. Using the huge number of energizers enabled us to widen our working methods and “take home” some new ideas for the future exchanges.
We were also successfully realizing the parallel project objective, which was social life of course. We didn’t have much time to do that, but still some. I have to admit that the weather was our supporter in realizing this aim and also the luxury hotel with tones of magnificent food.
I have to say that the training was really valuable for me. I met a lot of interesting and very different people. People in different age, with different interests, people sailing, climbing, diving, singing in catholic choir… people, which were so different and so similar to each other. People which had one very important thing in common- willingness to work with youngsters and to do something for the others.
I recommend it to everyone!!! I invite you to see the gallery.


Danuta Kędzierska

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