Exchange your mind

10 August 2006

Exchange your mind 2006

Exange your mind 2006 is a student networking project that will be a beginning of an international psychology students cooperation. Our goals are to connect people from Germany, Poland, and Russia for academic and private experience exchange, help each other by presenting studies and practices used abroad and to organize 3 meetings: in Berlin, Kraków and Saint Petersburg.

We will compare and discuss:
1) aspects of human perception and behavior, especially the example of communication in cross-cultural studies;
2) different psychological theories and point of views on health and illness;
3) educational systems for clinical psychologists / therapists and possibilities of work.

Our main aim is to find new ways of helping for people such as discriminated minorities, children with special needs and mentally ill people who all need our psychological support. In discussions and workshops we would like to create our own ideas, how to improve our social systems.

We are applying for administrative help from other NGOs and financial support from Jugendwerk (Germany), private funds and the EU’s “Youth” programme.

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