30 October 2004

F.A.I.R. P.L.A.Y.

(Fun Against Intolerance and Racism – Power Lies in Active Youth)

FAIR PLAY is the title of the youth exchange which took place from 22 to 30 october 2004 in Biały Dunajec. The main aim of this projest was to talk about problems of racism and intolerance in every day life and to present the possibilities of tolerant behaviour. To achieve this goal we decided that through fun and sport all participants would broaden their mental horizons and understand that different does not mean worse. The partakers were from italian, turkish, lithuanian and polish youth organizations. The daily plan of that exchange was for the young people the chance to know and understand  new cultures, contacts and points of view. The excursion  to concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau resulted in intercultural understanding and individual advancement. What is more, the participants gave the examples of intolerant or rasist activity in their societies. On the other hand, during national evenings all partakers had the good chance to know new cultures and to make new friends. All sport activities during the exchange were the time of laugh, good fun and integration between participants. At the meeting with football players of KS Cracovia club young sportsmen and participants talked about many aspects and looks of this sport in their countries. Furthermore we spoke to athletes from “Elite Cafe” Athletic Group, for examples with: Paweł Czapiewski – the european champion in 800 m running and Yareda Shegumo – the hall polish record holder in 3000m running. All these trips, workshops, meetings and acivities were made to spread the idea of tolerant and multicultural Europe. Many people participated in such an international exchange for the first time so it was their first contact with the people from so many cultures. It was the best chance for young people to experience personally all these cultural diferrences ( for example: Italian high-context culture or religious rules of Moslems from Turkey). The project was a great success and we are planning its continuation in the future.

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