Mobilise yourself!

11 September 2014


Youth exchange “Mobilise yourself!” took place on 5-11.09.2014 in picturesque Murzasichle. There were 35 participants aged 18-25, representing 5 countries: Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy and Poland, where nearly a half – 17 persons were considered as youth with fewer opportunities. The current situation in Europe, specially for youth, is very difficult. The realities change quickly, unemployment is high, many people do not match the requirements of job market and together with lack of self esteem and low motivation it is very difficult for young people to start their adult life succesfully. That is why together with our partners we decided to organise this project in order to change this negative situation. Therefore the purpose of this project was to equip the young people  with self-confidence, self-awareness, strong motivation and new skills and comptences needed to be succesful on job market and in active social life. As an effect of this project the participants have gained more mobility and energy to work more on themselves in local community or elsewhere in Europe. We have used various working methods based on non-formal education. We had presentations, group work, brainstorming, individual tasks, forum discussions, daily evaluations, games, activities outdoors, practical workshops, cultural activities, including national evenings, meetings with experts, researching future opportunities (also within Erasmus+), preparing full Youthpass certificates and a European Barbeque, where we have offered some sausages to local community and had the possibility to speak to them, promote our project, european integration and Erasmus+ programme. Thanks to this project the participants have gained new skills and competences needed on the job market, allowing better mobility in the EU, giving the possibility and courage to succesfully selfpresent, speak up, negotiate, promote own ideas, etc. We have learned how to prepare good CV as well as how it is to start a business. Thanks to meeting peers from other countries participants were able to exchange experiences, break stereotypes, understand other points of view, make new friendships and enrich in the multicultural and european dimensions. After the project each of us is now able to spread this interesting information, knowledge and skills among other friends in our local communities.

Go to our Gallery section to see selected pictures from our activities. You can also find information on this project on our facebook fanpage. Should you have any questions regarding this youth exchange feel free to contact us at: biuro-sir(at)

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