New Youth Skills Exchange

25 December 2016

Project “New Youth Skills Exchange” gathered 5 NGOs from Cyprus, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It consisted of 2 main activites in Poland: APV for 5 leaders on 3-4.03.2017 in Kraków and 3 weeks later a youth exchange of 35 participants aged 18-21 on 23-29.03.2017 (5 groups of 6 youth plus leader) carried out in Poronin. Our main aim was to exchange experiences and increase our competence in the field of entrepreneurship and labour market. We have prepared diverse working methods, namely, group work, individual work, brainstorming, stock exchange simulation game, other games, competitions, self-presentations, working on the Internet, using technologies, preparing analytic documentations, discussions, evaluations, sum-ups, role plays, workshops, national evenings, exercising new skills, inter-cultural and integrating activities, presenting and promoting the results of our work among the local community. All days of the project ended with a sum-up which was part of the evaluation and has ensured high quality of the project. Simultaneously, it has gathered the information needed for preparing the Youthpass. As a result of this project we have increased our competences, gained new inspiration, made friendships and left some tangible effect of our work – 2 very interesting and useful analytical documents, which we now promote and disseminate. You can download them here:


Future innovative trends

Project received funding from EC’s Erasmus+ Programme.

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