Creative minds for future Europe

15 March 2013

“Creative minds for future Europe” – a youth exchange organized within the frames of the “Youth in Action” programme Action 1.1 took take place between 15-21.03.2013 in Biały Dunajec, a cosy town in southern Poland. 36 participants from: Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia have taken part in our undertaking. The main goal of our youth exchange was to stimulate creativity and entrepreneurship of the youth as well as to promote healthy lifestyle especially through promotion of sports and regular physical activity. This goal was fully achieved with great satisfaction of all participants. During our project we have resorted to various means of non-formal education, such as: discussions, games, presentations etc., thus assuring full participation of the youth. During our project, in all discussions and activities we have also been ghting such negative social phenomena as racism, anti-Semitism and Xenophobia. On the other side we have fostered tolerance and better understanding between our countries. It was very visible, that by the end of the youth exchange all participants felt part of one united Europe and wanted to take responsibility of its future. Each participant has been enriched with new, creative ideas for himself, his closest surrounding and for the entire Europe!

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