Outdream yourself!

3 February 2020

Our main goal in creating this project is to increase self-esteem, motivation and confidence in our
abilities among young people. Rapid life, social media, the Internet and many other factors made
many of us fall into serious complexes instead of using their benefits. We have lost faith in ourselves,
in our own abilities, we have not learned self-acceptance, and instead of developing the opportunities
and talents hidden in each of us, we compare ourselves to others, forgiving their development. We,
young people, are the future of our communities, cities, countries and Europe. And we want to make
it clear to as many people as possible who do not want to leave the comfort zone, and through this
project and the dissemination of its results, we want to reach the widest possible audience and show
them that each of us has huge reserves of opportunities, which must be skillfully used in spite of
everyday obstacles or internal blockades.

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