28 October 2021

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Thanks to this Erasmus + project, we wanted to be able to discuss the condition of local media and compare the situation in our countries of origin. With our activities, we tried to get involved in promoting the local community, tradition, history and looking for tools that will help increase the awareness of others about the regions in which they live. In order to translate the problem into a universal language, it is worth reaching for international integration, which allowed for finding common mechanisms and solutions. That is why our considerations also included the topics of empowerment of rural areas, care for the environment and its evolution – developed in a new, original way. The most important activities of the project, i.e. the international youth exchange, took place on May 8-14, 2022 in Puck. We gathered 42 young people from Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Italy, who spent a week considering the role of local media and their impact on the condition of the neighborhood, especially in Puck and the surrounding area. Our participants had the opportunity to develop their soft skills, integrate with the international environment, learn about the work of a local journalist, share the condition of the media in their countries, and … fall in love with Kashubia!

We really wanted the materials created by the participants to appear in the local media, as they are a fantastic promotion for our region, as well as the main result of our initiative. So we sent them to the appropriate editorial offices, but you can also read them here. To widen the scale of the possibility of spreading this content, it has a very diverse nature – you will find here both videos, an instagram profile, audio materials, as well as a full press article fully created by the participants. Here is the main film of the project, describing the course of cooperation of our group:

There was also another, very energetic movie, which was an impression of one of the participants:

And a very artistic film by one of the participants, presenting impressions from our educational trip to the Hel Peninsula:

Here is the link to Instagram dedicated exchange profile, created and moderated by participants:

We also recorded audio materials, such as this:
This project has received financial grant from the Erasmus+ Programme EU flag-Erasmus+_vect_POS






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