Seminar in Czech Republic

28 November 2005

Contact Making Seminar for Group Initiatives Projects
Raspenava, Czech Republic 23-27.11.2005

This seminar, organised by the Czech National Agency, took place on 23-27 November 2005 in a small, picturesque village of Raspenava in the northwestern part of Czech Republic, near Liberec. 19 participants representing 10 EU countries were accomodated in a very comfortable Hotel Zamecek. The main aim of this seminar was to make contacts leading to organising an Action 3 networking project in the field of ecology. Additionally the trainers tought us new skills and provided us with useful information about the specifics of Action 3 and the \”Youth\” programme itself. There were 3 full working days. On Thursday we tried to integrate, present our organisations, activities and expectations, etc. Later on the organisers tried to make us more familiar with all actions of the \”Youth\” programme, with the most stress on Group Initiatives. After dinner we had an intercultural sweets evening which really made us laugh a lot. First part of Friday was like a training. We learned about methods of working with youth, how to work in groups, how to co-operate internationally, etc. In the afternoon we have visited an Action 3 ecological project in Liberec, which was a very interesting, practical lesson. We spent the remaining part of the evening in Liberec, mostly in a very cosy pizzeria. Last day was mostly filled with working in small groups. It was interspersed though by workshops of motivation, project cycle and a presentation of networking tools. Generally all activities have been planned and carried out according to the rule: \”tell me and i will forget, show me and i will maybe remember, involve me and i will learn it for sure\”. And so was this meeting for. Full of new experience, skills, contacts, plans and last but not least… new friendships! I hope this seminar has a future effect, some kind of continuation and i am sure SIR and i personally will do all to reach this goal!


Stefan Hulicki

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