Sport – the language of youth

10 October 2014

The main activity of this KA1 Erasmus+ project was an international youth exchange, which took place on 4-10.10.2014 in Murzasichle, southern Poland’s mountain region. This project has been prepared as an effect of previous, fruitful co-operation between our organisations and a few weeks of preparations and hard work of 3 groups of young people. The main aims of this project were promoting sports, healthy lifestyle, language learning and a better understanding of its meaning for multicultural Europe. We have explored the roots of our languages, understood the differences and its relation to nations. On the other hand we have focused on learning foreign languages, what it gives young people in modern Europe and how language can be used in a good and bad ways and why it is so. Our universal working tool was sport, our common passion, the source of equal emotions all over the world and according to the olimpic spirit it should only stimulate peaceful competition and a healthy desire for selfimprovement. The exchange has gathered 30 young people, aged 20 on average, with almost equal gender balance, from Lithuania, Romania and Poland – 9 youngsters plus leader per group. Our working language was English. Most of our activities were based on nonformal learning methods. They included integration games, national evenings, workshops, hysical activities, presentations, mutual learning of our languages, meeting experts, discussions, brainstorming, oxford debate, sport games with local youth, individual and group evaluation, working on Youthpass certificate, etc. As the result of this project participants have stregthened their healthy lifestyle attitudes, increased language understaning and skills, gained new knowledge, exchanged experiences with peers, achieved better understanding of modern Europe and it’s roots and managed to become fully aware Europeans. We have provided strong project and programme promotion and visibility and due to our innovative topic we have stimulated some new, creative and ambitious ideas for the future.


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