The door is open

26 February 2006

The door is open – bring new ideas


Feasibility visit (Action 5)


This small project took place during the last weekend of February, that is 24-26.02.2006. Our partners during this event were representatives of various organisations from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania and Romania. Our main aim was to meet, discuss and set a scheme and an outline of a future bigger project within the \”Youth\” programme. This feasibility visit was a perfect opportunity for direct conversation for all future participants. By discussing all possible details personally we hope to have agreed on a solution suitable for all groups and we started preparing an application to be sent to the Polish National Agency for the 1 April deadline. As an effect we hope to carry out a big Action 1 youth exchange project in the future, qualitatively better than all previous ones. The main focus of our discussions will be national vs. european citizenship. Each group is now preparing for this event and we hope our application will be accepted. The results will be known at the end of May.

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