The Youth for Healthy Europe

15 February 2019

In relation to appearing more and more often problems among the youth concerning health, and especially inactive way of living, obesity, eating disorders, we came up with the idea for this exchange – The Youth for Healthy Europe”. The following countries were taking part in this Exchange: Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Spain – that have been chosen based on our common experience of previous cooperation during the projects, our interest in the topic of this exchange (nutrition and sport) and diversity in terms of geography and climate, which guaranteed higher diversity of the knowledge shared during the projects and wider reach for the effects of the exchange. The groups consisted of 8 people (7 participants and 1 leader). The exchange took place on 3-9 May 2019 in Poronin and before there was a preparation visit of leaders in the same place 2 weeks before the exchange. The most important goals of this project were: raising the awareness in the topic of food, nutrition, the importance of physical activity, promoting a healthy lifestyle, gathering and promoting best practices related to nutrition and sport in the partnership countries, raising the sense of responsibility for building a healthy Europe of tomorrow, promoting Erasmus Plus and the effects of this exchange on the local, regional, national and European level. Through diverse methods of work like: brainstorming, presentations, auto presentations, analytical work, working with mass media, multimedia (photos, social media, www websites etc.), doing live interviews, graphical work, discussions, national evenings – the participants acquired practical skills (mainly intercultural, interpersonal and soft skills). These skills will help them to be more successful at the university, at school, on the job market, and all additional areas related with volunteering activities (as well as Erasmus Plus). Thanks to international exposure, we have learned to enter and take part in the international dialogue, especially regarding the topic of this exchange (nutrition, physical activity).

Each Day ended with a sum-up, which has guaranteed an ongoing evaluation and high quality of the project, it also enabled us to gather the information to create Youthpass certificate. We believe that high quality of the project and its promotion in social media, Internet, as well as local media will guarantee further effects after the exchange such as: leading an active lifestyle, do sports adjusted to our predispositions, raising awareness to what we eat and how we eat (according to “You are what you eat” rule), inviting new participants to be active within Erasmus Plus program.

During the youth exchange the participants have also created a seperate promotial website.

You can also download cook book with healthy recipes.

This project was financed by Erasmus+ programme. 

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