We NEET to activate!

23 October 2017

Our exchange entitled “We NEET to activate” took place on 16-22 October 2017 in Wierzchosławice, near Tarnów, southern Poland. Our main aim was to diagnose and fight the issue of NEET among youth. It is very important issue and some of us participants fall into this category, the others wanted to mitigate it, others wanted to learn to help others. Together we were 40 participants from 5 very different, distant EU countries: Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and the UK. Each of our groups is 7 youth+leader. 3 weeks before the exchange leaders met for APV also in Wierzchosławice.

Our project was based on non-formal education methods, such as group work, individual tasks, brainstorming, discussions, games, presentations, work with media and internet, integration activities, culture evenings, plastic workshops, evaluations, local interactions, etc. We created a colage about entrepreneurship, assertiveness map, a Youth Guide – Helping the NEETs document and a movie rapportage. Thanks to participating in this project we now better understand what is NEET, we have discovered tools for social, educational and vocational activisation. We explored our strengths, increased communication competences hence increased our chances on labour market and activated ourselves. We were also be able to spread the knowledge and skills to others, friends, family, etc. This project has also fostered new friendships, deepened the co-operation between organisations and so we will be able to work on more ambitious projects for others in the future.

This project was financed by Erasmus+ programme. 

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