World is colourful

8 April 2005

World is colourful – youth against racism


International youth exchange carried out by our association within the European Commision\’s \”Youth\” Programme took place between 31.03. – 08.04.2005 in Biały Dunajec, near Zakopane, in the southernmost part of Poland. The participants were 44 young people from Malta, Poland, Portugal and Spain. They were all well prepared and willing to integrate, learn and get the most out of their visit to Poland.


Thanks to ice-breaking games and outdoor activities in Zakopane already on the second day we became friends and a perfect team for discussion and futher activities. They were among others:



  • Lecture on European Identity and Culture, by Mike Huttinger from the University of Economics in Cracow;
  • Oxford Debate on tolerance in art;
  • Workshops, by Polish Humanitarian Organisation;
  • Interactive Simulation Game “Interview”;
  • National Evenings with country presentations, traditional food consumption, song, games and parties;
  • Trips to Kraków, Zakopane and Oświęcim (Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp).


As the organisers, we were very happy with the results of all workshops and other activities. We learned a lot about each other and managed to fight some stereotypes. We learned good things from each other and helped to minimise bad habits. Every meeting, discussion and event brought new experiences, values and wisdom. Most of all we became friends and promised to keep these relationships alive. All participants agreed that the exchange was a great, common success and a good lesson of tolerance and fulfilled their expectations entirely. We have also seen our mistakes and we hope this experience will help us to do even better projects in the future.


Visit the Photos section to see some pictures from the project!

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