Do you(th) know the story?!

3 February 2020

Our project “Do you(th) know the story?” was created in response to a serious problem which is the
lack of activation of young people. We mean sporting, social and intergenerational activities. In the
era of the Internet, games and movement games are slowly becoming a thing of the past, they stay in
the memories of our parents, grandparents, teachers, and for us the names such as -ciubabka,
hocele, cymbergaj – sound at least funny. For centuries, imagination, creativity and the need for
contact with other people have contributed to the creation of many games and plays, stimulating
creativity, improving physical fitness and coordination of movement, and above all, allowing you to
spend time outdoors with real friends. Our goal is to promote knowledge about the local community
and show ways in which we can be more active in our immediate environment. To this end, we want
to create both a “Sports Chronicle” which will include a list of games and rules with photos showing
their course and a local event “Do you(Th) know the story?”, a sports tournament in which
participants in the exchange, together with students from the local school, will have the opportunity to
measure their strength against older people who have known the games since childhood. It will be a
great opportunity for intergenerational and international social integration, promoting the EU’s values
of unity, solidarity and unification.

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