Soft skills – connecting people

7 May 2016

Taking into consideration that the society nowadays is using more and more gadgets, we spend more and more time on the Internet, we communicate through social media, more and more jobs are “in front of the computer” without real human contact and the main activity in children’s free time is playing computer games, people have fewer opportunities to develop soft skills, which at the same time, are becoming the factor of success.

As a result of numerous conversations with our partners and having discovered a great interest in the topic of „soft skills” on the previous Projects we have come up with an idea for a completely new Youth Exchange – „Soft skills – connecting people!”. It will in a very précised way focus on chosen topics related to discovering our strong soft skills and developing the weak ones. The Exchange will take place on 8-14.07.2016 in picturesque Poronin, southern Poland.

It aims at broadening the knowledge and skills of youth from countries taking part in this project, namely Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Romania focusing on self-cognition, building self-awareness, discovering our predispositions, strengthening our strong sides, developing soft skills, gathering the pool of exercises and tools to develop them after the exchange, developing the ability to present a couple of different soft skills simultaneously and with awareness, getting to know about cultural differences in the scope of “soft skills”.

We want us by taking part in this Exchange to become self-confident in relation to “soft skills”. We hope that after completing the project, the participants will become more successful at school, university, and work and in the EU / NGO organizations. We want this project to give us, young people hope for better tomorrow, boost our morale and at the same time give us the sense of union with other young people from different countries in the EU, who have to deal with similar problems.

This, in turn, will let us make friends and become a natural help for each other. We have planned different methods of work, for example: team work, individual work, brainstorming, competitions, games, auto-presentations, grill with locals, pyramid discussion, role plays, working with multimedia, evaluation, summing up, graphs, workshops, developing new skills, exercised focused on cultural integration, promotion of the results.

The days will be closed with a sum-up, which will be the part of evaluation process making sure that the quality of the project is on the high level. It will also help to gather the information needed to prepare a Youthpass, which the participants will be able to use as a real document confirming they worked on specific soft skills. Our main goal is to motivate ourselves so that we will use the knowledge and skills to have more opportunities on the job market and improve results at school, as well as to raise our self-awareness and self-esteem and make us more engaged in the projects and actions organized by their organizations focused on the similar topics. Starting from this project we will also share our knowledge, project results and interesting materials on this site:

This project has been organised with financial support from Erasmus+ Porgramme.

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