• Metaverse Learning Hub

    The Metaverse Learning Hub (MLH): Developing youth’s human and digital skills through gamification & immersive learning experiences Description The Metaverse Learning Hub (MLH) focuses on helping youth workers and organizations assist youth individuals with fewer opportunities in improving their personal, social, and professional skills. MLH offers guidance and resources to youth workers, focusing on two main areas: […]

  • Developing Motivation in Youth Participation by Non-Formal Education-DeMoYouth – empowered by NFE

    In this very enriching project in which we have participated we had the following objectives:  To develop the capacity of the young participants to engage in dialogue with decision-makers through non-formal learning tools during the project period.  To develop the active participation of young people in European democratic life through non-formal learning tools during the […]

  • Digital tools for youth inclusion

    (Polski) 4-11 February 2023



SIR invites you to rugby meeting in Kraków!

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Success, success!!

We are glad to inform that in the latest Erasmus+ selection round...

Erasmus+ KA1 Youth exchange “Career architects” finished with great success!


“Save our stories”


Team Poland launching into Butterfly Effect

(Polski) It’s three days since Polish SIR’s members have come to sunny Calabria for the Butterfly Effect Project training course.

Our members participate in another TC


Interesting projects


Thanks to this Erasmus + project, we wanted to be able to...

28th Oct

With art for friendship

”With art for friendship” was a challenge with aim to support creating new...

31st Jul

Sport – the language of youth

The main activity of this KA1 Erasmus+ project was an international youth...

10th Oct
sport tshirt